More than Meets the I

More Than Meets the I offers services and products to inspire and lift you.

More than just a play on words in English, “more than meets the I” invites you to discover yourself as more—more than the stimuli which meet you through your physical presence, your vision, your feelings, emotions, unconscious fears and reactions, your imaginative pictures and your thoughts.

You might say, “OK, nice. I already know that I’m more than all those things.”

Terrific. How are you doing at actualizing that awareness?

By the way, I’m continually asking myself that same question.


John Cawley

John was born in rural Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He enjoyed watching the waves the wind made in the nearby wheat field. Nature in the outer world and the nature of people has called to John. A career in software development taught John how to manage details and to test, test, test. John celebrated nature in Southern California by climbing Mt. Baldy, Mt. San Jacinto, in summer and snow. He enjoyed roaming the canyons of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Later, John explored intuition by writing a book of poetry. He took a doctoral degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. His thesis had a field study where his participants used animal “allies” as symbolic and energetic sources of inspiration and guidance. John “recruited” 13 animals from the canyon and mountains near his home.

Later, he joined the faculty of the doctoral program, facilitating students in Santa Monica, California and Sydney, Australia.

John has studied spiritual teachings his whole life. In his church he helped a friend format and print her memoir. He looked around for another person to assist with a memoir. When Ozzie accepted his help it started a 5-year friendship, culminating in On My Road to Heaven, A Bold and Joyful Life.

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