On My Road to Heaven

Mexico. Juárez in the ‘40s, watch out! Better be nimble, tough, and clever. Ozzie is all that with charm and charisma. He has money, romance, and mystical adventures. Through spirit, he does miracles of healing. In his hero’s journey, he loses it all, surrenders to unconditional love, finds joy within, and fulfills his life purpose—enlightenment.

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A Summer of Quinceañeras

The quinceañera celebrates of 15 years of testing and growing in a girl when she becomes recognized as a woman. When the quinceañera party is in full swing, you want to be there! We all find our tests and our times of unfolding in so many places. We are all coming of age in one way or another. Let’s discover the celebration!

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Coyote and Friends

Coyote can get into trouble all by himself, but he likes to drag his friends along too. Even so, they are usually willing to help him. Reading about Coyote getting into and out of trouble tickles our funny bones, warms our hears, and brings welcome wisdom. While Coyote is hogging the limelight, his friends, Bear, Deer, Crow and Frog demonstrate lots of practical smarts.

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What People Are Saying …

“Ozzie’s book is like a great movie: lots of action, intriguing characters, exotic locations, love stories, nail-biting danger, and a great ending.
His book is heart-opening, funny and profound.”
Sally Kirkland, Oscar Nominee

“It is an honor to have known Ozzie, such a great man— one of the few people who did simultaneous translation into Spanish of John-Roger’s live seminars.
His bold, candid, and revealing stories give you a taste of his exciting life and his spiritual journey leading him to John-Roger.”
Jsu Garcia, Author, Love of a Master

“On My Road to Heaven is riveting and inspiring—with Ozzie’s electric energy on every page.
I could feel him telling me to live more, love more, and embrace change boldly . . . to trust that all of being human is lovable, and ultimately forgivable.”
Leigh Taylor-Young, Emmy Award Winner