The quinceañera celebrates 15 years of testing and growing in a girl when she becomes recognized as a woman.

When the quinceañera party is in full swing, you want to be there!

We all find our tests and our times of unfolding in so many places. We are all coming of age in one way or another.

Let’s discover the celebration!

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Moon Surf

So round, so cool,
hanging there
over my favorite place;
where dark twilight earth plunges
steeply, dangerously to the sea.
Why does this pregnant moon burn me?
I ignore the surf
yes, its effervescence soothes my legs;
yes, its rhythmic heartbeat of white sound
comforts me.
But, I cannot hear or feel it.
For this is no postcard,
I cannot write home.
I’ll admit it. I’m happy to be captive
to this cool celestial body, to be bathed
at my feet,
while I’m burning with this gaze.

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